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Care Tips

Each embroidered piece By Mona Fares is crafted with meticulous detail and care. To help preserve the quality and beauty of your handmade fashion, please follow these instructions when caring for your By Mona Fares originals:


1. Professional Dry Cleaning Recommended

We highly recommend bringing your embroidered pieces to a professional dry cleaner to preserve the quality and integrity of the detailed handiwork. Professional dry-cleaning ensures each garment gets specialized attention and safe cleaning agents for delicate fabrics and embroidery.

2. Gentle Ironing

Protect the delicate embroidery by using a pressing cloth during ironing. Place a cloth cover over the embroidered area if ironing is needed before applying heat. The pressing cloth helps prevent direct contact that damages the embroidery threads—Iron gently on a low heat setting for best results.


3. Air Drying Preferred

Allowing your garments to air dry is the safest method to maintain the shape and embroidery detail. Lay the piece flat on a clean, dry towel or rack to dry. Avoid machine drying, which can compromise the fabrics.


4. Thoughtful Storage

When storing, use breathable garment bags instead of clear plastic to prevent moisture retention. Proper airflow will help keep the fabrics and embroidery protected.


5. Handle with Elegance

Be mindful of jewelry and buttons, and avoid any rough surfaces that could snag the threads when wearing and storing your embroidered pieces. Handle gently and care for the intricate details.


6. Chemical-Free Zone

Do not allow bleach, detergents, or other harsh chemicals to come into contact with your garments, as these can strip the dyes from the fabrics and damage the embroidery. Handle carefully and keep away from any damaging elements.

These specialized care instructions will help preserve your investment in our beautifully embroidered pieces for many years. Please reach out if you have any other care-related questions!